Instants of Light







Instants of Light

Instants of Light

Wisconsin Dells, WI


My husband Theo, and I, Leda, found our partnership originally to center on practicing and teaching the message of awakening through the masterwork called A Course in Miracles. We picked up a simple digital camera several years ago to bring with us to Europe, where we had been invited to teach. That little camera sparked in both of us a memory of our joy of photography. Unbeknownst to us, we had stepped through the doorway into a brand new endeavor; finding and capturing instants of light with our cameras.

What was surprising was how passionate and immersed we both were in this new activity matching each other perfectly in our enthusiasm and absorption. Sharing this adventure has been extraordinarily joyful, as we learn together and shoot together. Thanks for joining us here!


Land Sea and Sky - Theo

Land Sea and Sky - Leda

Theo Renderings - Scapes

Leda Renderings - Landscapes

WI Memories by Theo

WI Memories by Leda

Greater Wisconsin Dells Area and WI River

Theo Renderings - Flora

Leda Renderings - Flora

Flora by Theo

Flora by Leda

Theo - Hummingbirds

Leda - Hummingbirds

Theo - Backyard Bird Obsession

Leda - Backyard Bird Obsession

Finely Feathered - Theo

Finely Feathered - Leda

Butterflies and Insects - Theo

Butterflies - Leda

Critter Collection

Theo Renderings - Fauna

Winter in Wisconsin - Theo

Winter in Wisconsin - Leda

Nature Abstracts - Theo

Nature Abstracts - Leda

Renderings - Culture and Architecture

Culture and Architecture

Photo Collage Natural Beauty

Photo Collage Urban Elegance